What Every Appliance Owner Should Know

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I started repairing appliances in 1998 and in that time I have seen the same problems and heard the same statements too many times. For example, many times when I go to a home to do refrigerator repair, the customer says that they just went grocery shopping. That refrigerator was broken before they went to the grocery store but they didn’t know it because they did not know the warning signs. This brings me to the purpose of this article and the articles to follow. Up until now I have been providing this information to one person at a time and it’s after they have had a problem. This way, I can tell many people before they have a problem.

There are several simple fixes and solutions to appliance problems that won’t cost you a dime. There also a lot of things that I see people do that can cause problems, For example, turning all the controls in a refrigerator to maximum. All of the cooling for your entire refrigerator happens in the freezer. This holds true for all types of refrigerators, side by sides, bottom mounts, French door, and top mounts. Cold air is circulated from the freezer section to the refrigerator. In most refrigerators, when you turn the freezer up you are slowing the flow of air to the refrigerator section.

I can not count how many times I have been called to a customer’s house because their freezer works fine but their refrigerator won’t get cold enough. When I get out there, the freezer is turned all the way up. I turn the freezer down and that solves the problem. If you are experiencing this problem and there is frost build up in your freezer, turning the freezer down will not solve your problem. This more than likely means that your refrigerator is not defrosting like it should and the excess frost is blocking the flow of air to your refrigerator section. You will need a technician to repair this. I will talk about defrost problems in more detail in a later article.

Turning the refrigerator to maximum can cause a number of problems. The first most obvious problem is a higher power bill for no reason at all. The refrigerator is going to run longer than it needs to and waste power as a result. When your refrigerator goes in to defrost it is simply removing frost so you don’t have to. Frost is ice, ice is frozen water. So, when your refrigerator is in defrost it is turning the frost into water. That water needs to drain out of the refrigerator or it will freeze. When the refrigerator is turned all the way up that frost water tends to freeze before it makes its way out of the refrigerator and block the drain. Now when it goes through future defrost cycles the water won’t be able to drain, more ice will build up and eventually the water will start running into the refrigerator section. Basically, It will leak on the inside.

Once you get to this point you need a technician to dismantle the refrigerator and remove the ice. Your other option is to turn it off, open the doors and leave it this way for at least a week. One option is fast the other is free. I recommend calling a technician simply because you wouldn’t want to shut your fridge down for such long period of time only to discover that this isn’t the problem. Also it could take longer than a week to thaw and if you don’t know what to look for the problem will come right back.

When you need to adjust the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer start in the middle and work from there. Move it up or down one number/letter at a time allowing twenty-four hours between adjustments. Use half increments when you want to be precise.

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The way we approach service calls is as follows:

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If you want to set up a service call or have questions about our flat rate please call us. WE CANNOT GIVE TECHNICAL ADVICE OVER THE PHONE because our technicians are rarely in the store. They are out doing repairs. When you set your service call we are expecting to do the work, not to come and look at it. The purpose of coming to look is to tell you if we can fix it and how much it will cost to fix it.  Our flat rate guarantee eliminates the need to come and look because we guarantee that we won’t charge a trip charge if it’s going to be more than ninety-nine dollars to repair your appliance.

Ninety-five percent of the time we can fix your appliance for ninety-nine. From time to time it’s less and from time to time it’s more. The thing to remember is if it more you are not obligated to proceed. There are some brands and styles of washer that we don’t service so it would be a good idea no know the brand name of your washer when you call. We service all brands of Ranges and refrigerators.


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