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USED means just that. Some one bought it new, used it for a period of time and for some reason they got rid of it. Maybe it malfunctioned and they replaced it with another one. Maybe they moved and they appliance is not compatible with the set up in the new house. There are a myriad of reasons ranging from death to divorce for people to give up ownership of their appliances. Typically, used appliances are the ones that you find at rummage and estate sales or in newspaper ads. There are some businesses that sell used appliances.

With a used appliance you cannot assume that is has been inspected, tested or that it has a warranty.

The word RECONDITIONED implies that a process takes place whereas used means not new. We do not sell used appliances at The Washing Machine Man. All of our reconditioned appliances undergo a thorough process in which they are thoroughly tested and inspected. Any repairs that are needed are done. Some appliances get proactive maintenance. In other words, there are some common problems among certain appliances. When we are reconditioning an appliance we address those problems whether or not the appliance needs it at that time.

An example of our inspection process is as follows. Lets say we have a gas range. Each burner on the range is inspected as well as the oven burner. By observing how quickly the burner ignites and extinguishes and how the flame behaves, we can determine if there is a gas leak or a carbon monoxide problem. We also check oven temperatures for accuracy; if the temperature is not accurate it is calibrated to plus or minus five degrees.

There are problems that would not be detected from a cursory examination. For example, dryers that heat but don’t dry. A used dryer suffering this malfunction will get hot for you when you’re buying it (if you are lucky enough to see it run) but once you get it home and start using it is when you will discover this problem. Our technicians are trained to look for problems like this.

There are washers that will spin without clothes but won’t spin with clothes. Refrigerators that will work perfectly the first few weeks then items in the refrigerator section start to spoil while items in the freezer stay frozen. These are the risks of buying used appliances. Reconditioned appliances from The Washing Machine Man are examined for these defects before they are sold. Also, our appliances come with a warranty. This means that if your appliance does malfunction all you have to do is call.

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