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Quick Fixes

Is your dryer getting hot but not drying?  The first thing to check is the lint trap. There have been many times that the Mom called me out because the kids said the dryer doesn’t work. And it turns out that the kids didn’t empty the lint trap. Even though Mom taught the kids to empty the lint trap.

If that doesn’t do it, remove the exhaust hose from the dryer (not the wall) and run it through a cycle. If it dries in one cycle with the hose removed, replace your exhaust hose and clean the vent that goes through the wall.

If this doesn’t solve the problem you need to call for service.

Does your washer still have three inches of water in it at the end of the cycle? Your washer is going to either drain all of the water or none of the water. If you have this problem, the washer is fine but the sink that the washer is draining into is not draining fast enough or not draining at all. If there is still water in the basin when the washer finishes its final spin that water will siphon back into the washer. If you cant get the sink to drain properly, position the drain hose in such a way that the end of the hose is not submerged in the sink water. This way it cannot start to siphon at the end of the cycle.

Is you washer putting lint on your clothes? The inside of your washer needs to be cleaned. Get two gallons of CIDER vinegar (brown vinegar). Pour them in your washer, set the washer to small load and turn it on with no clothes or soap, just the vinegar. Let it fill and start the wash cycle. When it is at the end of the wash cycle stop the washer before it goes to rinse. Turn the dial back around to the beginning of the wash cycle turn it back on and let it run all the way through this time. You should see all kinds of stuff shoot out of the drain hose. If this doesn’t solve the lint problem you need to call for service.

Is your refrigerator not getting as cold as it should? Try sweeping out the bottom of the refrigerator. Remember, if the refrigerator can’t breathe, it can’t cool. This remedy is for refrigerators that almost get cold enough. If your refrigerator is blowing hot air this is not going to help. If your refrigerator has the black grill on its back, this will not help either.

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The Washing Machine Man was established in 1999 at 6555 N Teutonia where we still do business today. We are not partnered or affiliated with any other company in any way. We have one location and or motto is “we do what is best for the customer” We sell New and Reconditioned appliances. Our appliances carry up to a one-year warranty. Delivery, set up and removal of the old appliance is free. We also do in-home repairs.

The way we approach service calls is as follows:

We guarantee that the cost of your repair will be ninety-nine dollars or less. If we can’t repair your appliance for ninety-nine dollars or less than ninety-nine dollars, we do not charge you for coming to your home.  If your bill is going to be more than ninety-nine dollars we will tell you before we do anything, if you want the work done we will proceed, if you decline, YOU OWE US NOTHING.

If you want to set up a service call or have questions about our flat rate please call us. WE CANNOT GIVE TECHNICAL ADVICE OVER THE PHONE because our technicians are rarely in the store. They are out doing repairs. When you set your service call we are expecting to do the work, not to come and look at it. The purpose of coming to look is to tell you if we can fix it and how much it will cost to fix it.  Our flat rate guarantee eliminates the need to come and look because we guarantee that we won’t charge a trip charge if it’s going to be more than ninety-nine dollars to repair your appliance.

Ninety-five percent of the time we can fix your appliance for ninety-nine. From time to time it’s less and from time to time it’s more. The thing to remember is if it more you are not obligated to proceed. There are some brands and styles of washer that we don’t service so it would be a good idea no know the brand name of your washer when you call. We service all brands of Ranges and refrigerators.


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