Does you dryer get hot but not dry clothes?

This is a problem that can sometimes be solved without calling a repairman. In this article I will tell you the remedy for this problem but I feel it is more important to tell you the cause first.

If your dryer heats but will not dry, this could mean that air is not flowing through the dryer properly.

Contrary to popular perception, the hotter the dryer does not mean the better it dries. A clothes dryer heats in order to turn the water in your clothes into water vapor. If the water vapor can’t get out of the dryer, it will not be able to dry in one cycle. The better your dryer expels water vapor, the better the dryer will dry.

Before you try this remedy lets make sure that the problem you are having is the problem described. Run your dryer for at least two minutes with wet clothes in it. If the clothes feel warm but never get dry the following information could be helpful. (make sure your lint trap is clean and do this yourself if possible. Sending your teenager to do might only add frustration)

If you ran your dryer without a lint trap or tried to patch your lint trap with a fabric softener sheet, you are going to need a repairman. Odds are you have debris blocking the flow of air through your dryer. On the other hand if you just lost your lint trap or it just ripped, you know what not to do. You can purchase a lint trap at Johnstone Supply 414 527 2323, Dey 262 783 2060, or Sundberg 414 543 1700. The range from $12 to $40.

If your lint trap is in tact, remove the exhaust house from the back of your dryer. It should come off quite easily, just give it a pull. Run the dryer with the exhaust hose disconnected. If the dryer dries in one cycle, replace your exhaust hose and you’re done. You only want to run the dryer without the exhaust hose for testing purposes; your house will get hot and muggy if you keep using the dryer this way. More problems with the exhaust hose arise when the hose is pinched, kinked or has something sitting on it. If the hose is so long that wraps around itself on the floor, the water vapor cannot escape and cause this problem as well.

If the dryer still won’t dry with the exhaust hose removed, there is a problem with the dryer. It is not a major problem and most times an appliance technician can repair the issue.

Our phone staff are not allowed to give technical advice over the phone but we can get a technician out to get you up and running. We guarantee that the cost of your repair will not be more than $99. If we cannot repair the problem for $99 or less than $99, we do not charge you for coming to your home.

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