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Our Story: Used Appliances Milwaukee

When my wife to be and I moved to Milwaukee in 1996 we needed appliances. We were just starting out and new appliances were not an option, we did not have that kind of money or that kind of credit. We went to several used appliance stores and found that we still could not afford appliances. Eventually we did find appliances that we could afford to buy but found later that they really weren’t worth buying at all. Something about this experience stayed with me.

While delivering papers for the Milwaukee newspaper, I saw a washer that someone had sat out. I put it in the back of my station wagon, took it home and fixed it. I used it for a week or two just to be certain that everything was in order and then I put an ad in the paper. Our phone rang day and night until the ad expired. I remember saying to my fiance’ that this would be a great way to make some “extra cash” on the side. A few months passed and I tried the same thing again with a washer and dryer, I got even MORE phone calls.

I realized that the Milwaukee used appliance market had prices that were too high and warranties that were too short, so I set out to change things. First I wanted to set my prices at a level that I thought was affordable with a warranty that I would be happy with. Second, I wanted to give a logical person NO REASON to go anywhere else for a reconditioned appliance. Finally, I wanted to be the best in town. I spent months planning, the only thing that I needed was money to get started.

When my fiance and I got married we had a wishing well rather than getting traditional gifts. We got about $1700 and that was what we used to start the business. I bought a cargo van for $600 an appliance dolly for $100 and put the rest (along with my newspaper paycheck) on the security deposit and rent for a house that had a garage and basement. Before we knew it we were moving into the building you see above.

These events led me to becoming THE WASHING MACHINE MAN.

Today THE WASHING MACHINE MAN is a successful business with over 50,000 satisfied customers. Beyond the grace of God, I attribute our success to treating customers with respect and providing great service with integrity.

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