What Every Appliance Owner Should Read

Quick Fixes

Is your dryer getting hot but not drying?  The first thing to check is the lint trap. There have been many times that the Mom called me out because the kids said the dryer doesn’t work. And it turns out that the kids didn’t empty the lint trap. Even though Mom taught the kids to empty the lint trap. [Read more…]

What Every Appliance Owner Should Know

Dear Milwaukee,

I started repairing appliances in 1998 and in that time I have seen the same problems and heard the same statements too many times. For example, many times when I go to a home to do refrigerator repair, the customer says that they just went grocery shopping. That refrigerator was broken before they went to the grocery store but they didn’t know it because they did not know the warning signs. This brings me to the purpose of this article and the articles to follow. Up until now I have been providing this information to one person at a time and it’s after they have had a problem. This way, I can tell many people before they have a problem. [Read more…]


Last week I mentioned a scenario where the customer had just went grocery shopping when the refrigerator stopped working. As I said last week that refrigerator was already broken they customer just couldn’t tell. Well, this week I will tell you what to look for so you can minimize your inconvenience if your refrigerator dies. [Read more…]

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The Washing Machine Man was established in 1999 at 6555 N Teutonia where we still do business today. We are not partnered or affiliated with any other company in any way. We have one location and or motto is “we do what is best for the customer” We sell New and Reconditioned appliances. Our appliances carry up to a one-year warranty. Delivery, set up and removal of the old appliance is free. We also do in-home repairs. [Read more…]

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Who Makes What

Kenmore is a Sears brand that is manufactured by other appliances companies. In the past, most Kenmore appliances were made by Whirlpool and some of their refrigerators were made by GE or White corp. Today it depends on which appliance you are talking about. A lot of their product is manufactured by LG. General Electric and Electrolux are making Kenmore products as well. [Read more…]

Does you dryer get hot but not dry clothes?

This is a problem that can sometimes be solved without calling a repairman. In this article I will tell you the remedy for this problem but I feel it is more important to tell you the cause first.

If your dryer heats but will not dry, this could mean that air is not flowing through the dryer properly. [Read more…]

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